Nominate me

Below is everything you need to know about me.  Let me know if you need more information, drop a comment. 🙂

First Name :  Deepthi

Last Name:  Katta


Nomination Details and Beyond

  • Motivation, why you deserve this
    Passion is the key!  A key to share your knowledge and much more.  From day one, I have been very passionate about Sitecore and my constant urge to learn and explore has given me a tool to know the inner workings of Sitecore.   I am proud to say that I am given opportunity to use Sitecore day in and day out at the current role I play and that gives me a podium to gather immense knowledge.  As a true believer of ‘knowledge is wealth’, I am on a mission to share anything new I learn and my blog is a true testimonial to that.

I have been a dare devil since childhood for being vocal and I do the same to present my knowledge on various Sitecore SUG programs, I presented twice on extended topics at that particular time of learning.  You can see me perform at SUGBL and SUGLA on below links –

Verndale Internal presentation on my favorite topic ‘Performance’

  • Objectives for next year
    Being a hungry person, I always strive to do some more.  The plans for next year are humongous.  I have the below bucket list to complete this year to highlight my main goals, but, there seems to be never an end and I will keep reaching for more…
    1.  I want to make a useful module, the plan is jot down all the pain points/manual steps we do with Sitecore Implementation and let the module do magic and help folks reduce deliverable time and provide quality puzzle piece for their solution.
    2.  I would like to attend the Sitecore symposium this year at Orlando as that is the opportunity to learn a lot, but, also meet with other passionate people who love what they do every single day.
    3.  Get up close and personal with Sitecore 9 new features.
    4.  Continue to share my knowledge through all platforms available.
  • Community Activity: