About Me

Hi There!

This is Deepthi Katta and I am currently a Technical Lead at Verndale.

We are builders!  We take pride in building sophisticated solutions tailored to the needs of our Clients. In my role, I help cross functional teams solve technical challenges and help the team succeed in delivering the promised quality solution.

As a perk to what I do, I get to learn something new and I love to share and voice out my experiences and emotions that come by.  This blog is an effort to fulfill the need of a hungry and curious brain which is a true believer of destiny.

Join me and unravel Sitecore like never before!

You would like to know more about me? As a true believer of CMS, I believe in single source of truth.  So, in effort to not duplicate myself up here and cause unmanageable set of information, I would push you to look at my Linked In profile, catch me here  😉