TDS – Set up Deploy Steps

TDS Useful Feature 

For those who always would need to publish after deploy using your favorite tool out there, TFS/Team City etc.,  There is a out of box feature that TDS offers to publish all items included in the project.  This means you dont have to login and publish post deployment which is usually the case. 
I tested this out and it actually works pretty awesome. 
Unfortunately, there is lack of clear instructions on TDS site for this option, so I thought it is worth a blog post to provide exact steps you need to do to make this work. 
1. Go to Deploy tab of your TDS project, You should see the below options 
2. Check box as shown on the screenshot above and the most important one is step 3 
3. Ensure you have entered the string(name) of the publishing target you wish to push to post deployment.  It can have more than one as you might have realized. (Just comma separate them)
It is important to know what is the publishing target, it is not the database name as some of you might think, it is actually the name of the item(publishing target) that points to the database you wish to publish to. 
Default publishing target that comes out of the box from sitecore is called “Internet”.  You can add your own or find existing one through navigating to and searching for target or simply go to the below section 
System -> Publishing targets -> Screenshot below 
Helpful read –

Coveo – Windows 10 CES install fatal error

CES Install failure on Windows 10

I am not sure if any one encountered this before, Coveo pre-requisites on latest June 2016 version of CES failed on my local(this used to work fine before), The only change I realized this time was I am using Windows 10.  I had .netframework 3.5 enabled already, but, Coveo installer was trying to install again causing fatal error.  I could not move forward with installation.. Upon research I found the below issue on Coveo Q&A site.  I followed it and it worked.  It’s kind of not fair that I need to do regedit to make CES install fine. 
I added my concern up on the below Coveo question and answers as well.  Let’s see if Coveo does something for us not to have to edit the windows registry to make their product work.

More details on the link below –

Screenshot for reference on what i did to make this work.
Note – Make sure you create a system restore point and back up your original key before modification, just in case if it causes issues you can revert your changes