Multi line Field With Embed code Experience Editor Issues

Media Media Media!!!!

Every website has media like videos for example where the brand and the company want to showcase and put their best foot forward. 
To Enhance content author experience, we thought it was a good idea not to give them the whole RTE, but, instead to avoid any more thinking than needed and to avoid experimentation, we though multi line text field was best option.  So, the content author can grab the embed code from where ever and toss it on the field we would suggest to them. 
All was good, jumped on with implementation, only to see that this field with embed code behaves totally wierd on page editor/experience editor mode sitecore 8.1 /Update 2. 
I researched else where saw nothing about this and decided to log a sitecore support ticket, it  turns out that starting sitecore 7.2, Experience editor trims any tags on multi line text field for security purposes. Bummer!! Sitecore advised us to to RTE instead, but, due to third party we were using even that was not a possibility as the embed code had video tags and script tags.  
We moved towards using basic fields as parameters that we would need like Video ID, Account ID, etc and ended up constructing the html on partial view.  So far so good. 
More reference details on why multi line field would not work on latest editions of sitecore from support – 
Sitecore encodes all tags in the single-line/multi-line text fields when you edit it in Experience Editor application and it’s an expected behavior.
This behavior was implemented since Sitecore CMS 6.6:
-Page Editor
 In 6.6 Update-3, the <renderField> pipeline was modified to HTML encode the field value when rendering single-line/ multi-line text fields (ref. no. 327905). This did not work correctly in the Page Editor which displayed the encoded value. And if the user saved the page, the already encoded value would be HTML  encoded again. (384997)

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